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A Holistic Approach

Our managed programs are designed to be simple and effective while providing access to powerful processes and tools that help continuously improve your ability to manage cyber risk. 

CRO Risk Score™

Your cybersecurity risk score is an important metric that measures your security risk by identifying gaps, and it forms the basis for creating your CRO Mitigation Plan™ 

CRO Mitigation Plan™

Using your CRO Risk Score™, we develop your custom CRO Mitigation Plan™, which is a data-driven plan including recommended steps and projects for mitigating your risk.

CRO Cybersecurity Sprints™

We organize the execution of your CRO Mitigation Plan™ into a series of Sprints, to minimize the time-consuming process of project management. 

Business Value Analysis

Before implementing your CRO Mitigation Plan™, we carefully analyze the value delivered by each step or project relative to costs, making sure you earn a return on your cybersecurity investments. 

CRO Cybersecurity Scorecard™

Your risk management program and all related data is compiled into a single scorecard so executives can assess the status of their program at a single glance. 

What we do best

Inteligenca Inc. helps executives manage cybersecurity in the same intelligent and thoughtful way they manage other areas of their businesses, like revenue. Our cybersecurity strategy managed program is designed to be a holistic program customized to the individual needs of middle-market businesses. The data-driven approach is designed to establish priorities and to deliver objective business value in an iterative and collaborative way. Progress toward continuously reducing cybersecurity risks is reported using a highly summarized scorecard. Executives can understand at a glance how their cybersecurity management program is performing.

Why you need us

Every industry faces cyber risks. From product manufacturers with global supply chains, to large regional law firms – the cybersecurity challenges you face are unique to your industry. Our data-driven solutions give customers the ability to adapt risk management practices to the needs of their industry. Whether you need to manage third-party supplier and vendor risks, or manage in-house client confidentiality risks, our Cybersecurity Managed Programs are designed to measure and reduce your cyber vulnerabilities.

 Vendor/Supplier Risk Management Program

Some companies have a complex and global network of vendors and suppliers. Many of those vendors/suppliers are sending and receiving confidential information on product shipments, customer deliveries, product costs, product development plans and other confidential competitive information. Sophisticated hackers realize that brute force attacks against highly defended global enterprises is difficult. Our data-driven/Vendor Supplier Cyber Risk Management Program is designed to rate and rank the risk of companies in that supply chain- reporting results in a manner that allows executives to identify vendors/suppliers who need to improve their cyber risk management practices. 

Law Firm Managed Programs

Law firms are an especially attractive target for criminal hackers, hacktivists and nation-state actors. They are attractive because they store huge amounts of highly confidential client data. That client data often includes valuable intellectual property, merger and acquisition information, non-public financial information, personally identifiable information, medical information and a myriad of other confidential data. In addition to the external threats, many law firms are required by their most valuable clients to attest to proactive cyber risk management programs. Our Law Firm Managed Programs are designed to meet or exceed the most rigorous ethical and client-mandated standards.

IoT Manufacturers/VAR Cyber Risk Management Programs

In the connected world, IoT manufacturers frequently rely on value-added resellers (“VARs”) to sell, configure and install their products. Whether installed into private homes or commercial businesses, these products have one common attribute- they must access networks in order to do their job. Which makes those products vulnerable to cyber attacks. Some VARs are highly technical and configure IoT products to minimize the risk of a data breach, but many are not. Our IoT Manufacturer/VAR Cyber Risk Management Program is designed to help manufacturers assess the cyber risk management practices of their VAR network, allowing them to develop strategies for improving those practices and reducing their potential liability.

CPA Firm Managed Programs

The risks inherent in most CPA firms differ from many other professional services firms. In many cases, CPA firms have employees at client sites almost every day. Those employees are frequently accessing client networks, assembling and reviewing detailed financial transactions and otherwise collecting highly confidential client information. Those same employees then transmit and travel with confidential data which must be kept secure at all times. As repositories of tremendous amounts of financial data, CPA firms are therefore an attractive target for cyber criminals. With a unique cyber risk profiles comes a need for a unique approach to cybersecurity. Our CPA Firm Managed Programs are designed to help firms secure their clients’ confidential data.

Cyber Risk Statistics:


trillion dollars expected to be lost to cyber crime in 2021 (up 5x from 2017)


percentage of all cyber attacks targeted at small and mid-sized businesses


percentage of small and mid-sized businesses with no access to cybersecurity professional


percent of small businesses fail within six months of a cyber attack

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.

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