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We connect the job seekers with recruiters and the recruiters with job seekers. And we are really good at it!

We focus on bringing women and other underrepresented groups into cybersecurity jobs, so they can thrive in the diverse and inclusive work environments.  

Our mission is to educate, guide, support and match the cybersecurity talents, with the right recruiter or hiring company, taking in the consideration company's culture, job requirements, and skills required to do the job well.  

As a new career seeker, we help you develop an educational & career path that fits your lifestyle by providing you with the opportunities to get the right training, internship and a perfect job to start off your new career in the cybersecurity.  

We encourage candidates with diverse backgrounds, gender, and race to get in touch with us to begin this exciting journey!

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Are you aware that diversity inclusiveness could help you leverage people’s differences to achieve better business results? 

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Benefits of Hiring Diverse Workforce

Why hiring diverse workforce can benefit your company

Now it’s more important than ever before to build a diverse staff for your business: Recruiting and retaining a diverse, inclusive group of employees lets your company reflect the world around you and makes your team better able to develop fresh ideas that will meet the needs of the whole marketplace.  

To be profitable in a diverse, globalized marketplace, savvy companies are making efforts to look more like the community around them. If you employ only those who identify with a small portion of the market, you just don’t have access to the insights, experiences, and worldviews of the full marketplace. Read full article

Government Cyber Security Careers

If you want to know more about cybersecurity degrees, certifications and goverment agency's career paths click the link below.

Career Coaches and Mentors

If you are interested in pursuing a career in cyber-security, but you don't think you have the right background or education to apply for cyber-security jobs, we can find you a carrer coach or mentor to help you get there. 

Local Events & Seminars

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Town Hall Twitter chats

Join Kayne McGladerly and Carmen Marsh for monthly Twitter chats: #includecybersecurity to talk about security hiring crisis and building diversity inclusiveness.

Mission Statement

Why Us?

We are unique in our approach to helping job seekers and companies create an environment where everyone feels, and are, valued regardless of their gender, race, and religion. We believe that when people feel safe to bring their differences to work each day they will contribute their personal best in everything they do, and that will bring on the improvements in business performance.  

We place full time, contract employees and consultants with companies that are thoroughly vetted and diversity open & certified.  

Our Consultants are MBP Certified and have gone through our certifications process just so you can have a piece of mind knowing they have been handpicked and thoroughly prepared for the job at hand.

Job Seeker

I love my job!

"I thought I didn't fit the profile of a threat hunter, and I even shied away from considering employment in cybersecurity because I did not have that cookie cutter background in IT everyone is asking for. To my surprise, MindfulPros not only filled my skills gaps with their available training but also matched me with a mentor that helped me find that right fit for someone starting in this field. I am so grateful for MindfulPros!" 

Jeannette Kodric

Talent Seeker

Amazing Service

"I am a consulting business owner, and one of my client projects required the assessment of their current cybersecurity and data privacy. I called MindfulPros and they have immediately set me up with several qualified candidates. Reza, who I found a good match, exceeded my client's expectations, and the quality of his work resulted in additional projects. Thank you MindfuPros!" 

Jonathan Petrakos

Petrakos Communication Inc.

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