What You Can Expect from Our Workshops

Inteligenca’s team brings together their collective hands-on experience and training to bring you the quality content we present in our Agile | Business Driven | Mindful PMO workshops. Our mission is to share with you the best and the most practical tips from our lessons learned so that after completing our workshop you can implement them within your own company.  

This multi-session workshop is an effective blend of real-life experiences and anecdotes, enriched with proven formulas and real-world applications embraced and practiced by Fortune 500 companies. Each session is designed to be highly interactive and fun. 

The content, tailored to the leaders and practitioners alike, will keep you on your toes throughout our two-day workshop. We know you will greatly benefit from this training and seamlessly incorporate lessons learned into your environment as it best fits. We are looking forward seeing you in our class!  


Module 1: Business Driven PMO

DAY ONE - A.M.  

Session 1: Business Driven PMO Setup. Instructor: Mark Price Perry 

There is no surer way to invite PMO difficulties than to rush into a cookie‐cutter “people, process, tools” strategy and to “sell the PMO”—an approach still advocated by many today. This workshop first engages participants in a highly interactive session that reveals and corrects common misguided PMO strategies, while highlighting select opportunities to make your approach more agile. Perry will also present a bouquet of real‐life PMO success stories based upon his third book in the Business Driven PMO series, Business Driven PMO Success Stories (2013).  

Module 2: The Agile PMO 


Session 2: The Agile PMO. Instructor: Carmen Marsh

Now that agile methods are here to stay, executives are looking to PMO leaders for answers to fundamental questions: What is the agile movement all about? When does it fit for a given project, and when does it not? Even more puzzling, if agile methods encourage self-organizing teams, then how does that impact the role of a PMO, or even the role of the project manager itself? In this eye-opening session, we will sift out fact from fiction and walk away with actionable tips for evolving your PMO to support agile methods.  

Module 3: The Mindful PMO 


Session 3: The Mindful PMO. Instructor: Leslie Gazeley

  Just as individuals are constantly caught up in the day-to-day "flow of things", swept up in the plethora of to-do lists, emails and social media feeds, so can the PMO as an organization be caught up in a similar whirlwind of demands, deadlines and corporate detritus. This session explores the concepts of expanding a mindful leadership philosophy to and within the PMO as an entity. First we focus on understanding the concepts and applications of "mindfulness" and Mindful Leadership. We then apply those principles to the PMO as an entity and explore and practice group exercises and tips for a PMO to use to create a "space" to regain singular focus and bring the organization back to the present..  

Module 4: Open Space 

DAY TWO - P.M.  

Open Space. Instructors: Mark Price Perry, Leslie Gazeley, Carmen Marsh

Open Space Meetings are an amazingly powerful way to explore issues, discuss ideas, and achieve breakthrough thinking. Open Space Meetings are particularly useful for fully engaging all those who are truly passionate about and committed to a subject. Arguably, there is no greater shared bond that PMO practitioners have than their collective passion and commitment to the value proposition of a well-conceived, established, and run PMO. This workshop session utilizes the Open Space Meeting approach to tackle the top PMO‐related issues, opportunities, and topics of the workshop attendees.  

Among the many things you will gain from attending our workshop 

  •  How to recognize select opportunities to make your PMO’s approach more agile 
  • Key principles needed to scale and adopt a successful PMO 
  • How to develop agile and adaptive organizational mindsets 
  • An understanding of the components that comprise the PMO structure and the tell-tale signs of a non-business driven PMO (and why they’re typically unsuccessful) 
  • How to train your PMO’s organizational (collective) mind to enhance performance and strengthen your PMO’s traditional leadership practices  
  • Tools and ideas on how to increase your – and your organization’s – “self-awareness” by incorporating several practical mindfulness methods & tools into your PMO’s daily routines. 
  • Better insight into understanding your PMO’s “organizational mind’s” ability to realize present leadership 
  • Opportunity to define and realize your PMO’s true values and learn how to embrace your PMO’s leadership style  
  • How to obtain, maintain and sustain your PMO’s focus and attention and recognize patterns that slow your organization down and make things unproductive 
  • Some tips on developing your PMO’s organizational mindful leadership canvas and roadmap with opportunities to connect with like-organizational (collective) minded leaders  

All sessions include practical application, tips, tools and ideas to use after the workshop to sustain what you have learned in the class.