Our Workshops

What You Can Expect from Inteligenca's Leadership Training

Inteligenca's team has invested a great deal of time to diligently research, assess and prepare the quality content for our Lead Mindfully leadership training. Our mission is to bring you the best and the most practical training you can practice with ease after completing our workshop.  

Our workshops are an effective blend of real-life experiences and anecdotes, enriched with proven neuroscience and real-world applications embraced and practiced by Fortune 500 companies as well as health organizations and the U.S. military. 

Our modules are designed to be highly interactive and fun. You will also get to take home a toolkit which will help you practice mindfulness for as long as you wish.  

Our training is truly a labor of love coming from our team, and we are thrilled to share it with you. We are confident that you will greatly benefit from this training and seamlessly incorporate it into your journey of becoming the great leader you are striving to be. 


Module 1: Achieving the Leader’s Mindful Frame of Mind 

DAY ONE - A.M.  

  • Understanding Mindful Leadership 
  • Exploring the influence and impact of emotions in leadership 
  • Practical tips for creating your “space”, reducing the noise, finding the present 
  • Personalizing your mindfulness practice & regimen (for your own setting)  

Many of us are constantly caught up in the day-to-day "flow of things", swept up in a plethora of to-do lists, emails, and social media feed. In the midst of all the chaos, when was the last time you took a pause (and a breath) and brought your focus back to just one thing? Mindfulness is about finding your space, focusing on what's going on around you, paying better attention to your environment. It means being present to what's happening at the moment, listening non-judgmentally. Mindful leaders strive to be collaborative, able to cope with high levels of uncertainty and complexity without becoming overwhelmed. 

The start of our two-day workshop will be focused on understanding "mindfulness" and what it means to be a Mindful Leader. We'll explore how emotions both influence and impact your decisions and the people around you. We'll explore and practice exercises and tips for creating a "space" where you can regain your singular focus and bring yourself back to the present. We'll share ideas and inspirations, working together as a group to develop a regimen that suits your needs and environment, establishing a routine that you will want to carry out and commit to! 

Together we will work to help you achieve your Mindful Leader's Frame of Mind! 

Module 2: Improving performance, collaboration, and empathy 


  • Leading through inspiration and not expectation 
  • Realizing the importance of compassion and kindness in the workplace 
  • Aligning your values and leadership style 
  • Developing Trust

In this practical session, you will learn how to move away from micro-management and expectation-based management into applying new ways of genuinely inspiring those around you. Our inspiration-based exercise engages participants in a highly interactive session where you will realize the cause and effect of demonstrating your genuine interest in unlocking the potential of those you lead. You will also gain insights on how you can make meaningful connections with people.  

This session will continue with some eye-opening and inspirational examples of the positive impact on the people and companies’ success where kindness is practicing daily. As part of this session, you will also develop a personal canvas of your values with a blueprint of your leadership style and a roadmap to reach your potential.  

To develop trust with others, you must first be authentic – a real person. To explore ways of building trust with others, you will partner up with small groups during the breakout session.  

Module 3: Finding the way to effective self-awareness and self-management 

DAY TWO - A.M.  

  • Understanding self-awareness 
  • Exploring emotional triggers and regulation
  • Handling and reframing your emotional responses – so that they don’t define you  

As a leadership soft skill and competency, self-awareness is likely one of the least recognized, yet possibly one of the most valuable. Self-awareness is about being conscious of what you're good at while still acknowledging what you still have yet to learn. It combines emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment, and self-confidence. To put it another way, it's about knowing your own strengths and weaknesses (and emotions) and having a strong sense of your own self-worth. 

This session focuses on understanding how self-awareness fits into a highly competitive culture. We'll explore and dispel some misconceptions and reveal some truths. We'll examine and discuss how self-awareness not only benefits you, but can benefit your organization as well! We'll go through exercises and activities designed to help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses through feedback (asking good questions; soliciting feedback; listening without justifying) and helping you determine how self-aware you are. 

We'll revisit and further explore common (and usually unavoidable) emotional triggers as well as how to regulate them through self-awareness.  

Module 4: Putting It All Together 

DAY 2 - P.M. 

  • Seeing “The Big Picture” 
  • Taking stock of your leadership principles 
  • Reaching your potential to be the Leader you strive to be  

This session is where we put it all together. We start with reviewing and practicing how to find the stillness within us. Using the skills gained from the first session (Achieving the Leader’s Mindful Frame of Mind) you now learn how to see “The Big Picture”. You see the greater importance in honing your ability to give yourself space to “pause” and “think”. This session is filled with practical tips and tricks on improved time management. We’ll cover how to sort through what is and isn’t important on a particular day, in a particular moment or in any situation. You will learn how to understand and apply your leadership style successfully, and set your path to becoming the excellent leader you strive to be. You will learn how to do all that in our practical, simple to follow along workshops.  

What you will gain from our professional workshop 

  • How to train your mind to enhance performance and strengthen your traditional leadership practices 
  • Opportunities to adopt tools and ideas to start using immediately to cultivate mental resilience and mindfulness 
  • How to increase self-awareness by incorporate several practical mindfulness methods into your daily routines 
  • How to recognize patterns that slow you down and make you unproductive 
  • Simple time management tips, tools, and ideas
  • How to obtain, maintain and sustain your focus and attention 
  • How to develop your own personal mindful leader canvas and roadmap 
  • New techniques on how to master your emotional responses and how to increase your mental resilience  
  • How to understand your minds ability to realize present leadership 
  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded leaders  
  • Opportunity to define and realize your true values and learn how to embrace your leadership style 
  • How to develop agile and adaptive mindsets  
  • How to make real connections with people around you  
  • Development of better decision-making skills  
  • How to become an effective listener, and communicator  
  • Opportunity to increase your emotional intelligence with practical application of awareness, empathy, and inspiration  

All sessions include practical application, tips, tools and ideas to use after the workshop to sustain what you have learned in the class.  

Lead Mindfully - Executive Workshop

Our "Lead Mindfully" Executive Workshop includes all of the above Professional modules with the addition of a 3rd day which focuses on people management and exploring meaningful relationship-building aspects of leadership. Day 3 is filled with many practical, easy-to-follow tips and ideas.