Why we need diversity in Cybersecurity

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By 2021, cybercrime damages will rise to $6 trillion a year according to Cybersecurity Ventures, but between 1.8 to 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will go unfilled. The best schools are graduating smart people, who work at excellent companies. Despite that, the number and extent of breaches have not decreased. By not including diverse points of view, we've presented a homogenous attack surface to threat actors, one which they're exploiting daily to a significant profit and public detriment.  

Join us to learn how to include cybersecurity in your career plans, and to change the default view of a cybersecurity expert.  

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Upcoming Events


Cyber Risk Leaders Tell All

Join us for Episode 5 of the "Cyber Risk Leaders Tell All" as Shamane Tan and I hang out with our friends Hai Tran, the CEO at the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre, and Tayo Rockson - Author of Use Your Difference to Make a Difference.

We will be covering the Chapter 10: CISO and the Business: The Art of Storytelling and Chapter 11: The Daily CISO BAU Survival of the 
Cyber Risk Leaders Book to talk about why an articulate communicator in cybersecurity is super important and how knowing yourself can make a huge difference with making the impact where/ when it matters the most.

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Global CISO Town Hall Twitter Panel

Join Shamane Tan, Kayne McGladrey and I on February 6th, 2pm PST, for an amazing opportunity to chat with the global cybersecurity experts from Australia, Singapore, Europe, and the US during our Global CISO Town Hall. Our wonderful panel lineup includes Darren Argyle, Jane Frankland, Trevor Cushen, Matthew Rosenquist, Michael Reese, Charles Blas, Malcolm Harkins, Magda CHELLY, Ph.D, CISSP®and Jacqui Kernot. 

To participate in this Twitter chat you need to use #cyberriskmeetup hashtag.  


Cybersecurity Career Accelerator EXPO

Cybersecurity Career Accelerator Expo 2018 is part of the “Include Cybersecurity” initiative focusing on cybersecurity workforce development in the Sacramento Valley. Our mission is to spark interest within traditionally underrepresented groups in exploring an exciting and rewarding career in cybersecurity.  

Come and join our efforts in increasing the percentage of women (who account for only 18% of all cybersecurity professionals) and minorities (approximately 26%) in cybersecurity. We hope that by collaborating with IT companies, recruiters, academics, other special interest groups and cybersecurity industry experts, we can join the ranks of advocates bringing about positive and significant change in cybersecurity, primarily in diminishing the deficit of women and minority cybersecurity professionals and leaders.  

The Cybersecurity Career Accelerator Expo 2018 program is an opportunity for anyone interested in cybersecurity to come receive – and share – useful and relevant information critical to launching – or advancing – a career in cybersecurity. This day-long symposium will be divided into two tracks with sessions designed to benefit novice, entry-level and advanced cybersecurity professionals. The content will be presented in a combination of lectures, workshops and expert panel formats.  

Attendee Benefits:

  • Make face-to-face connections with experienced industry leaders 
  • Receive invaluable leads (possibly leading to internships, part- and full-time positions, etc.) Network with others either currently in cybersecurity, or sharing an interest in starting a career in cybersecurity. 
  • Learn what certifications and skillsets are needed as a cybersecurity professional Attend one or more workshops offering tips on successful job-hunting, resume polishing and soft-skill development, including sessions on EQ and mindfulness practices  

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make change.” Barbara Mikulski (former U.S. Senator (MD)) The way to effective and positive change is action. To start a wave where there currently isn’t one is what the Include Cybersecurity team is all about.  

Together we want our City of Sacramento be put on the map as a trend leader in developing a diverse cybersecurity workforce across the nation. It is a big challenge, but one we know we can accomplish with support from city and industry leaders – and you!  

Join us in this worthy initiative. Become a change agent and a believer who knows we are critical to improving national and personal security.  

Registration Closed 


Include Cybersecurity Event 2018

Every day your news feed has a story about cybersecurity. About a friend that has to replace their credit card due to a breach. A couple that’s trying to repair their credit report due to identity theft. A business laying off staff because of losses from a phishing email.  

You are not powerless. All communities are affected by cybercrime, but not all groups of people are working together to fight back against cybercriminals. Our goal is to educate and empower job seekers of all stripes to take the plunge into the cybersecurity world. We want to dispel common myths about what it takes to succeed in a cybersecurity job so that the cybersecurity industry represents the diversity of our nation.  

Our panel discussion on September 6th, 2018 presents an opportunity for anyone interested in cybersecurity to learn firsthand from the experts what it takes to succeed. A significant portion of this event will be questions from the audience.  

The panelists and speakers are passionate cybersecurity defenders. They are experts in the field and bring first-hand knowledge of what it’s like working as part of a cybersecurity team and how to take the first steps to join this growing community.  

The skills needed to become a cybersecurity defender are within your reach! And the skills are ever changing—your diverse background and creativity are needed to continue to protect against cybercrime.  

We hope you’ll join us as we change the landscape of the cybersecurity field. 

 Cybersecurity Career Accelerator EXPO Event 

Our event speakers have been carefully evaluated and selected to bring our attendees the best blend of education, inspiration and value that will take their career to the next level.

Past Events 

Our Include Cybersecurity 2018 event speakers

About Founders

We are a team of passionate professionals that believe it has been a long time coming for diversity to enter and thrive in cybersecurity careers. We hope to raise awareness about the importance and nature of cybersecurity career through our professional community, events and activities. Our goal is to help companies, hiring managers and schools change mind about the “ideal” candidates and requirements for cybersecurity jobs. We hope to generate genuine interest amongst diverse students and established professionals to consider cybersecurity as a viable and promising career choice. Any group, organization or individual joining us in this exciting encouraged to take part in our upcoming Twitter chats or get otherwise involved please contact us at info@includecybersecurity.com.

Kayne McGladrey is an IEEE Member and professional services director at Integral Partners with 20+ years of experience in cybersecurity and identity and access management. Kayne has been interviewed by USA Today, Cheddar TV, Fast Company, CIO Online, Network World, First Financial, Quartz news, WCCO Minneapolis, KXL-AM Portland, WWJ-AM Detroit, KRLD Dallas, and IEEE Transmitter. His writing has been featured in (IN)Secure Magazine, ISSA Journal, and PSVillage, and has presented on cybersecurity to IEEE-USA and the Clear Law Institute. Kayne created the first industry-recognized online class about the fundamentals for professional services management.  

Carmen Marsh is the CEO of Inteligenca, the technology and cyber risk management consulting company in California. Carmen’s experience comes from leading global teams, projects, programs and companies in high-tech, retail, insurance, and healthcare industries. Her career started in Silicon Valley, managing Jumbotron implementations for Sony Incorporated, and continued with IT management roles for dot.coms, including established companies such as SRI International, Trimble, USC Norris School of Medicine, and California Medical Association. She has been contributing to the success of companies for 20 years, with her genuine passion for continuous process improvements, coupled with the focus on organizational efficiency and effectiveness. She brings her visionary, forward-focused, resilient, and intuitive business leadership to Inteligenca. Carmen has earned a degree from University of Gothenburg, Sweden.